2.4'' tft with spfd5408 what pins????help!!!!!

Hello I bought a new 2.4'' tft with spfd5408 controller.I have a diy arduino with atmega328. I cannot get it to work and I am confused and nervous.I try a lot of hours. Can you pls tell me which pin of tft goes to which pin of atmega328???? and which library to use with these pins setup???? this is the link of the tft i bought


Please help me!!I am ready to through it from the window...lol!!!!



It is a display on a shield. You can just plug it in your Arduino. Besides, it has the functions printed next to the pins.

A brand name is visible on the shield. If you google for that and 2.4 tft, you'll find a link to this forum. I refuse to give that link, as it seems to contain some actual political message with which i don't want anything to do with.

I never got these to work, so if someone has a tutorial or knows a working driver please let me know.

Oh Yes, I use a different type of LCD (not on a shield) which works, just this particular model I get random colurs and lines.


This is one. You can see some text and the coliurs for the pait example in between the stripes.

Now I dont know if the stripes are because of a faulty display or just the wrong initialization command.

Seller sent me another one, which didnt had the stripes, but the image was very blurry with some colours inverted, so i guess it could be a different driver IC, or perhaps faulty too…