2.7" Sharp Memory Display

I recently acquired a few Sharp Memory LCDs, 2.7 inch version and I was wondering how difficult it would be to adapt the Adafruit Sharp Memory Display Library to work with these. I know in its current state it is designed for the 96 x 96 pixel version and I would be stepping up to 400 x 240 pixels increasing the buffer size from 1152 to 12000 necessitating the use of an Arduino Zero or similar. When my Zero comes in I will take a crack at it but in the mean time does anyone know if it would be as simple as changing the values in...


#define SHARPMEM_LCDWIDTH       (96)
#define SHARPMEM_LCDHEIGHT      (96)


#define SHARPMEM_LCDWIDTH       (400)
#define SHARPMEM_LCDHEIGHT      (240)


Does anyone have experience in this? This is an amazing little screen and with the increase in ram for the current generation Arduinos I am excited to start making some super low power fun projects.

Thanks all in advance!


I'm working with the same display and library. Did you end up figuring it out? Could you post the code?

I have the 128 x 128 sharp display, and the Adafruit library works by changing the LCDHEIGHT and LCDWIDTH as the first poster indicated. I am not sure about the 240x400.

The sram needed goes up drastically with the bigger screens. 96x96 needs 1152 bytes, the 128x128 needs 2kb, and the 240x400 would need 12kb. This is getting into Zero/Due territory…

I modified a couple things to prevent buffer overflow and added a clearBuffer() command so you can rewrite screens without completely clearing between writes. Note: there is only one AVR capable of running the 2.7" Sharp memory display (ATMEGA1284(p)). Hope this helps.