2.8 TFT from Aliexpress and UNO - only white screen

Hi all.

I bought this display, tried the standard TFT example from standard TFT library, but only getting white screen.

Attached has photos from pinout for reference. How connect it to UNO? Using standard pins as example TFT suggests doesn´t works.

I´ve tried follow labels from module <-> UNO but just the same.

For now I wanna only see something; not use touch.

Other libraries (Adafruit etc.) didn´t worked too (but I´ve doubt about pin assignments).

Can someone make this module works?


I have same problem. :/


There are lots of libraries for SPI ILI9341. Search for them by using the box at the top right of your screen. See how to ensure that EVERY logic signal is 3.3V

Note that your screen has got headers for a Touch controller, but the XPT2046 chip is not mounted.