arduino uno and 2.4" SPI TFT ili9341 shows white screen help me please

hi guys :o
i want to test my lcd screen named 2.4 tft spi 240x320
i have arduino uno and i install adafruit_ili9341
and when i transfer the code to arduino i get white screen
samone help me please



graphicstest.ino (9.56 KB)

Maybe try downloading the MCUFRIEND_kbv library via 'Tools', 'Manage Libraries...', then open the example under that library ('File', 'Examples','MCUFRIEND_kbv') called 'TouchScreen_Calibr_native'.
That helped me get mine working.
Open the serial port monitoring too as this example uses it for fault tracing.

TouchScreen.h GFX Calibration
Making all control and bus pins INPUT_PULLUP
Typical 30k Analog pullup with corresponding pin
would read low when digital is written LOW
e.g. reads ~25 for 300R X direction
e.g. reads ~30 for 500R Y direction

ID = 0x9486

this is what i get can you explain me more please

Inspect your Screen.

Is there a gold stripe around the perimeter?
Are there 4 gold terminal strips going to a 4-way ribbon ?
Your photo has too much glare. Switch the backlight LED off.

The photo of the pcb shows that the XPT2046 chip (U2) is not mounted.

Note that the Red SPI display in your photos requires libraries like Adafruit_ILI9341 and URTouch

pjuno's comment in #1 refers to Mcufriend Uno Shields (which are Parallel not SPI)

MCUFRIEND_kbv only works with Parallel displays.


Edit. You photo shows a 5V Uno and a Red SPI ILI9341 display.
The Red SPI ILI9341 display can connect VCC to 5V but requires 3.3V logic.
Use level shifters on every signal e.g. resistor potential divider or regular integrated circuits.
Note that the LCD_RST pin must be connected to a GPIO pin and used in the Adafruit_ILI9341 contructor.