2 Pin Infra Red Emitter & Receiver

Hello Everyone

I'm new to the Arduino and to this Forum. I hope someone can help.

I have just bought a 2 Pin Infra Red Emitter & 2 Pin Receiver. I have searched the web high and low and cannot find any diagram and/or sketches that use these (only found those with 3 pins). The component names are ir53l and bpw41n.

The datasheets are here-


I initially want to just receive signals from an IR remote control. Then eventually send signals from one Arduino to another.


Here you go:

Hi AlxDroidDev

Thanks for your quick response. I have been to that tutorial in the past but unfortunately it only deals with a 3 pin detector

If you want to receive remote signals, you're much better off with the three pin devices, which do the 38kHz demodulation for you.
They are far, far easier to use than bare devices, which will need amplification and filtering.

I'll look into the three pin devices but in the meantime I would like to still try and get the 2 pin ones that I have working


OK, I'd ditch the emitter - it can probably be made to receive, but it'll be far more trouble than it is worth.

If you look at the Playground, there should be examples for connecting a photodiode, but expect a fairly insensitive device (i.e. you'll have to put the remote very close to the receiver) and plan on very tight code to ensure you catch all the 38kHz cycles.