3.2" TFT display based on ILI9341 +ESP8266 -12E interfacing in SPI mode

Hellow everyone ,

I want to interface the 3.2" TFT display based on ILI9341 with ESP8266-12E node mcu but i unable to find the pin required for SPI interfacing as that sclk and mosi …

can anyone suggest the pin of sclk ,mosi ,miso and libraries support by it …i want it only by spi mode and without using sd card.

Required pin is ,





vcc or 3.3/5v




as like in spi mode communication .my TFT lcd are like these,

Your photo shows a regular TFT_320QVT_9341
It would have been much simpler to have just quoted the printed model number (with correct spelling)

The TFT is 16-bit parallel. You just need to connect 21 signals for the TFT to a 3.3V Arduino like Due.
You can use a 40-pin Adapter shielld with a Mega2560.

An ESP8266 does not have anywhere near enough pins. Nor does the ESP32.


so as per your reply , I cannot use these TFt display with ESP8266 for spi interfacing ...

if not then please suggest display in 3.5" or 3.2" with Same ili9341 or library compatible for programming
and no consideration on pin connection ,easily understandable....

Hi, I stumbled upon your question.

This is a working tft+touch:

I have multiple of these 3.5 Inch display, based on a ILI9486 driver. They all work flawless.

You need ths library:

If you need any help, read or reply in this forum

This thread has prompted me to look as well. The last time I needed screens for interfacing to the ESP8266, the largest I could find was a 2.8 inch SPI TFT and two out of 4 had poor touch screens.

Now I see there are 3.5 inch ones, like the one mentioned in #3 but with du Pont male connectors instead of the the raspberry connector:

with touch screen:

without touch screen:

The last 3.5 inch screen I bought for an Arduino Uno used up almost all the pins and the backlight could not be controlled and ran too hot, making the screen unreliable. It is not clear from the decriptions here if these will have the same problem.

Both of those displays are 3.3V. You must have level shifters with a 5V Uno.

The first one looks like the popular ILI9341 SPI displays. Just with the bigger 320x480 ILI9488 controller.

The second one has the 320x480 ILI9486L. The pinout does not use standard names like CS or SCK. It might not have a LED pin.

The ILI9486 / ILI9488 requires 24 bits per pixel in SPI mode. This is painful for AVR. It is painful for DMA.
The ILI9341 can use 16 bits or 24 bits per pixel in SPI mode. Hence the spectacular performance (in 16 bits).

Yes, both displays should work at a sensible speed. Much better than the RPi shift register abortion. They should be ideally suited to the ESP8266 and ESP32.