3.3V power supply for Arduino DUE ?

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this tread is continuation of this. (Power Supply for Arduino MEGA + Shield)
In the above link came out, that the "5V" pin to be used for power supply and not the "Vin".

The course of the project changed and instead of +5V logic level, I'm planning to use +3.3V only.
So the Arduino DUE came in picture.
My question is:
Shall I power the DUE on "3.3V" pin with regulated power supply (buck regulator or LM7833) instead on "Vin" ?

If You have some experience, kindly share.

Thank You !
Cheers !

Due power supply.jpg

Due power supply.jpg

It appears that quite unlike the original UNO line, Mega and Nano, the DUE already incorporates a proper switchmode regulator to operate from anything up to 20 V, there is simply no need whatsoever to provide an external regulator for a 12 V source.

If you have other devices which require a bit more than the 3.3 V pin can provide as an output, you could simply add an external regulator to derive another 3.3 V from the "5V" pin for which the on-board switchmode regulator is rated at up to 1.2 A total.

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