3D printer for houses made of similar materials like concrete

I offer a prototype of a 3D printer for printing a home from concrete or a mass of similar consistency (clay, polyurethane foam, possibly also molten granulate). The system uses the Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller with special firmware. A triple of motors at 230V ensures that the print head moves in the x y z axis. The current construction allows 10x10x5 meters (x, y, z) expansion, can be expanded, requires firmware change, program reset, printer calibration by end stops is automatic before each stroke. Accuracy at 1.1cm.

A 3D model of the thinginverse or cad can be uploaded using the program and printed. I tested the maximum to push a full 2x2x2 meter cube, and I did it without a problem. Concrete is conveyed through the screw slider until the head is output. The construction is robust, the head has a sufficient flow of concrete to be pressed as well as a 40cm wall, depending on the density of the concrete, the wall support is not required when printing. The zigzag is pressed, the solid wall with a thickness of 40cm is not pressed. The system does not have a pause function. It prints all at once, in the event of a malfunction, you need to press it back or upload the part of the model to be printed, the printer is calibrated by the end stops itself before each print. The printer has a control system that can tell if there is an error in the loop, or one of the sensors, such as the distance sensor, the engine temperature sensor. More info by e-mail. Possibility to sell 3D software for a single component listing. E-mail: martinius96@gmail.com