3PDT Footswitch Stability issues

Hello there,
first time poster and I’m wondering if I could get some assistance on a pedal I am making?

I mistakenly bought two 3PDT toggle footswitches in prep for my project rather than a 1PDT. After connecting the switch as shown in the diagram I am having major stability issues once the switch is turned on. It seems to connect more efficiently when my thumb and finger hold the signal cable but otherwise it’s a gamble.

Am I doing something majorly wrong with regards to wiring?

Have you enabled the internal pullup on pin 7? If so and the noise persists add an external pullup of 1K to 10K. Start on the high side (10K) and work down. This is called a stronger pullup. The stonger pullup will help overcome noise generated in long connecting wires. Also a 0.1uf cap across the switch will add hardware debounce and bypass higher frequency noise.


I haven't tried that no. Thanks for the info, I'll try that.

Just want to say thanks, it's working like a charm now. :slight_smile: