433 mhz to relay

In this video: One Channel Transmitter and Receiver with 433Mhz RF module - YouTube towards the end of the video he controls the led with the transmitter. but I want to translate that led signal to an Arduino and turn on a relay when the switch is pressed. i have a relay module like this one: Addicore 1 Channel Relay Module 10A
can someone please make a code for me plz?

Have you tried making the code yourself?

Post that, and maybe we can work on it together.

thats the thing! i dont know how to code so i asked for help....

The Arduino IDE is packed with code examples.

Before you find someone to "make a code" for you, look for some forum where you can get someone to do the harder part, which is to figure out how to hook up that 433 receiver to an Arduino.

Most projects have hardware and software, you'll need to get someone to do both for you, and maybe then someone else to combine them for you.

Do you have "google" on your internets? That might provide links to many more ppl willing to do this all for you.

Or even give you some ideas about how do it yourself.


And your question is?

This whole thread smells like an amateur IED maker.

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