5V Dc Mini Water Pump with Arduino?

First of all, it is my first topic and i want to say hi to you all!! Secondly, i am really a terrible noob and sorry for that :frowning:

I need to make a smart greenhouse project with Arduino Mega 2560, and i found a video to help me with my servomotor(MG996R) which will start working when raindrops module detect rain and 12v DC Fan which will start working when LM35 sensor calculates the weather as hot. However, my third actuator, 5V DC Mini Water Pump, is where i am left without an opinion. All the water pumps people use is 12 V, so i dont know which specific components i should use. I researched a bit and found that people use transistors and diodes for it. Which ones should i use and how to make the connections?

I would appreciate if someone helps me what components, specifically, should i buy and how to connect them together with Arduino 2560? It would be great if you can draw it, like with fritzing or something.

Thanks if you read this far :slight_smile:

Hi Sunstorm welcome to the forum. Sounds like you’ve got most of your project figured out. The pump should operate just like a motor much like your fan. You can use relays or a transistor to switch power to it. The reason it is done this way is because motors that do work (like moving water) will need more current than the Arduino is designed for.

Please look a this link. motor with Arduino

Personally since you already have a 12v power source I would have started with a 12v pump.

Once you get this figured out. You may want to look into monitoring humidity also.

Do you have details of the specific pump? That's the starting point for selecting a driver for it, the drive
circuit needs to be able to handle the voltage, the current and the inductive kick-back. Most likely a
logic level MOSFET and a diode is all you need.

Mark don’t forget the resistors for the gate drain.

DC Voltage: 3-6 V( DC 5V is the ideal voltage)
Maximum lift: 40-110 cm
Flow speed: 80-120L/H
Outer diameter: 7.5mm
Inner diameter: 4.7mm
Diameter: approximately 24mm(2.4cm)
Length: approximately 45mm(4.5cm)
Height: approximately 33mm(3.3cm)
Material: stiff plastic

These are the specific details for the mini pump. And here is the link to the video i have mentioned earlier: Arduino Tutorial (LM35 Temp Sensor) - YouTube

This guy uses only a transistor for the control of 2 wired fan, if you don't have time to watch the video here is the wiring diagram for his circuit: LM35 Circuit Diagram.PNG - Google Drive

My mini water pump has also 2 wires, red and black. Do you think, this can work only with a 5 volt battery and a specific transistor? Which transistor should i use? That guy used specifically 2N3904 Transistor for his fan. I think i will get the same transistor for my fan too, just because my fan is 12V too.

What about my 5V water pump? (wolframore, i already bought the 5v pump unfortunately, and i dont have so much money to buy a new 12v at the moment, so i am stuck with 5v)

By the way, thank you so much for helping me, it is for my graduation project and means so much.

Oh and i forget another question:

I don't know how or why to use the arduino relays. If i get a relay and use battery to supply power to it, will it let me get rid of this transistor/mosfet problem? For example if i get a arduino relay, is all i need is these: arduino+ arduino relay+ water pump+5 v battery to supply relay+jumpers??

If so, i will certainly get relays for each of my actuators!

Yes the relay modules has the transistor and diodes built into them. As long as you get the modules made for Arduino you should be fine. If in doubt post a link and ask. Don’t get the single relays if you want simple plug and play it sounds like you need the module.

Thank you very much then, i will try my project with Arduino relay module. Maybe i can ask about relays soon, though :slight_smile: