5V pump doesn't work and idk why

Hi, i have a 5v mini water pump and a 5v relay. but i can't make the pump work, i tested it and it works in other projects. Voltaje just doesn't pass the relay.

Im powering everything from the USB of my computer

If you are really trying to run a pump from a relay as your fritznuts diagram shows, the way you got the relay wired to the motor, the motor will not run.

Im powering everything from the USB of my computer. My idea was to avoid using a battery because the pump is 3v-5v. Also i don't want to use a battery, is that possible?

Your wiring diagram does not show that you have the motor properly wired to power. Think of the relay as a off on switch. The relay is not a power supply. The power you have, as shown in your drawing is to trigger the coil of the relay. The power being supplied to the coil of the relay is not passed on through or onto the contact points of the relay. The relay, in this case, is a electro-mechanical switch. The relay acts just like when you flip the light switch.

Powering a motor from the USB port of your PC is not something that I can recommended doing.

Powering a small hobby motor from a powered USB hub is something I'd consider doing.

Thanks for answering. Yes i get you, but i need this scheme to work for something i want to do. but for example here there is a man who does what im looking for and i cant get to understand it.


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