6 axis Motor controller

Hallo, I have a project to create a concept of how a 6 axis Stepper Motors can be controlled using Arduino Uno + A4988.

I´m pretty new on this kind of project. Does anyone has idea how best i can start. What other Interfaces are neccessary for a project like this and what i should know?

Thank you so in advance!!

What do you mean by “a concept of how a 6 axis Stepper Motors can be controlled” ?

Do you mean you are just going to write an essay? Or are you actually going to build a working device?

Either way you need to specify what the device is so that the required performance from the motors and the Arduino can be understood.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Checkout out GRBL?

Thank you for your time! My projekt is find out the best elektrical components to build and program a 6 axis automatic positioning system. have already been suggested to use Arduino Uno controller tools and an a40988 driver. But no idea about the user guide. What are the necceassry user interface for this kind of system?


The Pololu A4988 web page has a good diagram for connecting the driver. I have already given you a link to some program code.

Apart from that, what have you in mind when you say “user interface”?

It is very difficult to make sensible suggestions when I have no idea what your motors are intended to do.