7" LCD and Arduino

Hi everyone

I was at the flea market, and I found this neat Portable LCD TV

It’s a Lenco TFT-700. It wasn’t working, my best bet is that the power supply died (no power led, no backlighting).

So, you guessed right, I took it appart to see if I could use the screen. As suprising as it seems, I found datasheets for the various elements.
You’ll find the datasheets here :

The LCD is a Prime View model PW070XU4. It’s connected to a driver board via the 26 pins cable described on the datasheet. This board have a PVI1004D LCD controller chip and is connected to the motherboard via a 20 pins cable. I still have to find the pinout for this 20 pins cable.

On the motherboard, near the cable, is a SHARP IR3Y26 Video processing IC. I only have the datasheet for the IR3Y29 but they should be relatively close. The main IC on this device is a Renesas M61260 TV signal processor.

I just want to drive the LCD (via arduino or with analog signals), so I think that the Renesas and Sharp chips won’t be much of use to me.

I’ll continue to post here as soon as I discover more things. Cheers.


Best of luck but the Arduino isn't fast enough to generate video (apart from some vertical colour bars)

Yeah, I know that, but for the challenge, I want to try displaying something on this screen ^^

Fortunately, the controller board is a lot like the example schematics given on the PVI1004D datasheet (page 44-45, 1440*234 mode, 7", VCO controlled by VL).

I just need some more informations on how driving a LCD works (HSYNC, VSYNC, etc...) and maybe, I'll really understand what I'm doing ^^


melka, have a look at this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1187659197

Thanks for the links mem, I checked them a long time ago, and they might prove useful. From what I learnt, the LCD uses 3 lines ,Vr Vg and Vb, for the pixels color. Those voltages are directly wired to the 20pin connector, so I have generate them (between -0.3 and AVdd, 5 volts in my case). I'll first go with a greyscale thing by wiring those 3 pins together. The PVI1004D chip seems to take care of most of the timing issues, I "just" have to provide it a base clock.

More infos soon

Do you know how to send video from an av source or from a pc to that LCD?