7" TFT display wiring buy-display TFTM070

Has anyone used this display?

Using page 8 of this as a reference:

Specifically I'm wondering if I need to connect Pins 4 (Data/command select) and 8 (Tearing effect) or what either of those phrases mean....

I've found that the TE signal is "tearing effect" and has something to do with reducing flicker during refreshes. I believe I can leave it floating...

update, I've determined that D/C is synonymous with RS or Register Select.

update, I've determined that D/C is synonymous with RS or Register Select.

Data/ Control - select either the Data register of the Control register.

I’ve just got one (a ER-TFTMO70-5 board), I’ll try to eat this datasheet: http://www.buydisplay.com/download/interfacing/ER-TFTM070-5_Interfacing.pdf and put it on my UDOO board, like with this 2.8 TFT adafruit shield…

I have it also,
Still busy figuring out how to write data to the flash memory chip.or to read it our there because something isn't as i hoped

I have the capacitive touch and finaly i got the screen and the font chip and the touch panel working.
if you don't want to do something fancy's the adafruit library does the job. writing text en drawing lines. and shapes.
but all other nice features of the chip aren't in there

The flash memory cannot be written to via the display interface. It must be programmed off board, which is why it is not installed by EastRising.

East Rising do not make this clear when buying the display.

i am trying to connect the capacitive display to arduino mega 2560.
i understand that you have already figured that out.
as a novice i would appriciate if you can help me:

  1. ponnecting the pins of the display to the arduino - which pin goes to where?
  2. i failed to understand wether the display needs 5 Vdc or 3.3 Vdc
  3. can you send me a simple code to begin with?
    thank you