A general question about different Arduino-like devices?

Hello, A general question.

I am starting to gain an interest in programming the Atiny85.

And I wonder how much of the debugging/development work I might be able to do in another more development friendly device - such as a Nano etc.

Are there any words of wisdom for someone interested in pursuing that process?

Sincere thanks! dw

I would start by loading ATTinyCore into your IDE to support the '85 and understand the features you have chosen to work with. https://github.com/SpenceKonde/ATTinyCore

Much as I love the '85 it's getting old and isn't the easiest thing in the world if you've only used Arduinos. In particular, the lack of a serial port makes debugging quite tricky :( You might take a look at the newer ATTiny devices which are better & cheaper. I confess a minor commercial interest here! I use & sell a ATTiny1614 board. http://myiot.co.uk/attiny/

I prefer the ATTiny84 to the 85 - a few more available pins and an 8bit as well as a 16bit timer (unless you need the high speed 8bit timer of the 85). I use the QFN package (small and cheap).

Also, I just hook an I2C LCD screen to it for debugging. Works fine for the 85 as well if you can spare the two I2C pins.

And yes, the ATTinyCore is a must.


Wonderful answers!! Thank you all very much! I'll check out all of it

My sincere thanks! Love the toys!! :-]

Spend some time reading over the attiny core GitHub home page that was linked. Spence has each supported chip explained in great detail along with the pinout images. I find those images very useful for figuring out how I’m going implement a particular idea. Sometimes it’s more of a “can I do this” check with the i/o configuration for each variant. It is a very well documented, high performance core. Be sure to check out his boards on Tindie

Spence Konde certainly seems to be the man for all things tiny :o Check out his megaTinyCore: https://github.com/SpenceKonde/megaTinyCore This might persuade people to look beyond the 84/85 and look at the recent devices which are seriously good! I prematurely posted a link to my own ATTiny1614 offering showing a half finished page full of errors, especially the pricing :( I've corrected it now. The actual price of my PCBs is 2 for £4! Not £20 each or whatever it said :money_mouth_face: :roll_eyes: