about Pro mini RAW pin

I input 5v to pro mini pin,but VCC pin output only 3v power , I think it should be 5v in VCC .


The Arduino Pro Mini can be powered with an FTDI cable or breakout board connected to its six pin header, or with a regulated 3.3V or 5V supply (depending on the model) on the Vcc pin. There is a voltage regulator on board so it can accept voltage up to 12VDC. If you're supplying unregulated power to the board, be sure to connect to the "RAW" pin on not VCC.

The power pins are as follows:

RAW. For supplying a raw voltage to the board.
VCC. The regulated 3.3 or 5 volt supply.
GND. Ground pins.

If you are powering the Promini with a regulated 5VDC supply, connect to the VCC pin, not the Raw pin.

But if I use 4 AA Battery (about 6v) to raw pin, there is only 3v . How many Volt input to raw pin , then VCC can output 5v ?