Absolute beginner - need guidance on conductive thread project

Hi all, I'm brand new to Arduino - in fact I've only recently even heard of it. I have the Arduino Uni starter kit and have made my way through the projects in there. Basically, a friend has given me a spool of conductive thread and I want to try something for an Art project. I'd like to have something knitted from the thread that will trigger a sound when touched (approached even maybe). I'm not too worried about the sound at this stage - the piezo buzz will suffice though one day I'd maybe like a proper noise. Can anyone direct me to an idiots guide to setting up something like this? Or tell me what bits to amend in an existing project. I'm finding it all very overwhelming and whilst I can happily follow the instructions on tutorials, I'm really struggling to see how I can make changes to them yet.

Try googling capacitive touch.

Adafruit has a lot of material on conductive thread, plus project ideas for the Arduino-compatible Lilypad and sensors that you can sew into clothing.

My documentation on eTextiles can be found at The eTextile Lounge. Use the search tool and dig in!

Have fun with it!!!

Hi, There is an E-Textiles section in this forum that might be worth posting a query in.

Tom.... :)