AIB : Arduino Interface Board

hello all

in april i made an introduction to arduino with some students. we found that isn’t so easy for beginners to handle all the electronics. so i decide to make an interface board. the idea was to help starters into a quick try out. focusing on arduino first.
(i know, it is important to have also knowledge in electronics for a project. but first it is easier to start with a help and make them hungry for arduino. after this step electronics comes up. there’s a lot to discuss, but go back to the positive points.)
the board should minimize connector problems and soldering. something like plug and play was wished. in concept, we saw that a bit of flexibility is important. … at the end, the arduino interface board was born :

  • made for beginners like in school for a quick try out of the arduino environment with existing hardware (sensors/actors)
  • stick up on the arduino base board
  • power supply (5V and 12V) from base board
  • reset for programming
  • some led’s, button’s and potentiometers for interaction
  • connector for potential free inputs. in parallel to the buttons so you can simulate it on board
  • analog inputs for direct plug in of i-cube x sensors and alike
  • connector for 12v sensor (opto coupled internal)
  • driver output 12v for relays, motors, lamp
  • relais output for potential free switching (not 230v)
  • connector for servos
  • output line for smoothing pwm
  • pin 13 with a hard wired led
  • free connectors to patch
  • general, patching between different pins and possibilitys
  • dimension 80 * 100mm, so this is the maximum in the eagle layout program for free
  • the 12 v part makes it possible to work on a second standart voltage. and separating higher current switching from the 500mA at the interal 5v regulator

there are a lot of other ideas - integrate base board parts on it… but at the end, the boards was full with stuff… and as written, it is for beginners.

see the galerie here : AIB : arduino interface board
schematic as pdf :
board as pdf :

the board was produced now in a beta series (yeah, with the obligatory mistake…). eventually i do a redesign of with some minor fixes. i’m interesting to hear some comments, ideas, problems and so on for a nice finish.
don’t hesitate the reply some minds.

so long, mischa

awesome! :slight_smile:


this looks really great, nice board. Can you make it blue next time :wink:

Congratulations for the good design, can I get one?