Airsoft Round Counter

Hi yes I'm looking to make a Round counter for my airsoft gun but I don't really know where to get started I know a little about electronics as I just finished my freshman year in EET and I'm looking for projects to do involving electronics this summer and I thought of a Round counter for my m4 airsoft gun I believe it would need 3 set mode switches but I'm pretty much stumped on the rest if anyone would have a schematic that would be awesome

Does you airsoft gun currently use electronics? How much extra stuff, like batteries and a display and other stuff to go with the Arduino, are you willing to carry around while you operate the airsoft gun?

I haven't really figured that out yet I am still research it but I think I found a circuit that can be used for the display let me know your thoughts its a 7 segment LED decade counter display

My gun is an AEG and it does use electronics I was thinking for the battery pack I could mount it on my top rail of my gun and and have the display side of my gun

Sure, use it. The switch can be clicked each time you fire. No Arduino needed.

hmm sweet however i would need something that can sense whenever i put a new mag in it would reset to 300 which is my mag round count Im guessing i would need to use a microcontroller for that

The circuit you proposed only counts up.

Pin 2 of the counter chip is a Master Reset. A switch in the magazine well could set the counter back to 0. You would have to add another counter chip and decoder to count up to 300.

A 28-pin ATmega328P chip could replace the two counters and three decoders and could count down from 300. It could even flash the display when you get down to your last 50 rounds. It just needs 21 pins of output (7 per digit) and some inputs. Two 8-bit shift registers would work with Arduino pins for the other 5.

hmm so I'm working on schematic that I think might work ill get back to you when I'm done but I'm using 74192 ICs which are up/down BCD counter ICs which I think will work ill send my schematic when its complete

ok ill check into it