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Hey All,

Is there any other Arduino simulator that can load libraries better than what Tinkercad has? I'm trying to use LEDFlasher.h which isn't in the list.

Any suggestions?

Get a real Arduino and cheap starter kit.

I tried many simulators and Tinkercad is the only one that is actually useful. When the LEDFlasher library is small and uses no other libraries, then you could try to put the contents of the library files above the setup() function.

A real Arduino board is a lot easier as groundFungus already wrote.

Third vote for getting a real one ! You can just hang it off the side of the computer on a short USB lead and add the odd shield if you wanted .

Thanks All! I bit the bullet and just bought myself an Uno for testing.

Wokwi Arduino Simulator here
you can see the features and capabilities for yourself. It helps a lot for people who are learning Arduino without access to real ones. Pls, reply if you have any questions. There is also a Discord channel for the simulator.

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Hi Koepel,

can you once have a look at the Arduino simulator here? This simulator has a lot of support to FastLED library per say.

I have moved my review to the Wokwi topic:

Dear Koepel

I am eagerly waiting for the

  1. drag and drop option
  2. connecting wires using mouse

It will be released very soon. I will ping here once more when these are ready. Your review points are taken! thanks a lot for your time. Please feel free to suggest any points anytime!

Best Regards

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