Android phone as a barcode scanner for your Arduino.


Just wanted to share my project using an HTC Android phone as a barcode scanner.
The barcode info is then transfered to my Arduino unit using either Bluetooth or USB-OTG connection.
App supports most barcode types: QR, Data Matrix, Code39 etc.
If the application answers to the call, the message will be printed in the message box.
And if you don´t want to use the scanner, the application supports manually entered strings aswell.

Here is a (very blury) video of the application in action:

Feel free to try the Ad-supported version from Google Play:

Or buy the Ad-free version if you like the idea:

I´ll gladly recieve feedback of bugs or missing features!

Thanks for sharing the info. Though I can't get to the vedio you uploaded here, I went to check in Google shop. It looks pretty good. I think I'm gonna give it a try because the qr code reader on my phone is not able to read any other barcodes like Data Matrix, PDF-417.