making a barcode scanner with arduino

hello there. i am a statistician and a senior c# programmer, but i always interested in electronics. so, hearing about arduino and learning this things capabilities, it took me away with ideas.

i want to make my own barcode reader, with some barcode scanning attachments to arduino, and connect it with smartphone, via cable or wireless. i have read lots of topics/comments which includes 'barcode' in this forum before i post this. first of all, as a person out of this electronic world, how can i decide to a arduino type and barcode scanner module ? i have surfing on the net and find marson from taiwan, i think this can be the barcode scanner module ;

am i right? is this a device that i can connect to arduino to scan barcodes ?

and second thing, can i send scanned barcode data, or any other data to a smartphone, wired or wireless ?

thank for your support from now..

The barcode scanner you link to will read and decode barcodes. The question then is how do you read it? I could not see from a quick look but if it can do serial, then you would be in luck. If not... read the datasheet and find out what it can output.

You can link an Arduino to a smartphone via blue tooth. You then have to write the code on the smart phone.