Anker Power Bank fast charge changing voltage from 5V to 12V with Arduino

See how to do this in this link:

Link to Video how it works

code is here:

Code example link

Reverse Engineering link: Reverse Engineering Part 1

Part 2: Part 2 - Reverse engineering


I'm sorry but what is the question, if any?

Tom... :slight_smile:

Sending DATA how to enable 12V from 5V power Bank that is supporting Fast charge.
I tried to find DATA over the NET how to do it, but did not find any ......
So decided to do it my self
So just sharing this knowledge

I think this is might be very interesting to a lot of project makers
I have used simple Arduino to switch the power automatically
That is all

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I looked at the videos.
Why haven’t you used the oscilloscope to check the output of the bank for noise/ripple at the elevated output voltage for various loads?
Checked output regulation etc.

Tom… :slight_smile:

No need to check this is Anker Power-Bank (High Quality) - it should output 12V 1.5A
Don't forget that it is up by DC to DC converter inside
Also most of the equipment is lineary (fixed current source) - I will not use it to charge my car battery ...

But if you have any lights or LEDS, this will be perfect to use it as source

Although you are not pushing the IC past its designed specs.

You are pushing the bank design, which is for 5V, past its design specs.
The components around the IC will have been chosen for 5V operation.

Have you looked in the bank to check capacitor voltage ratings etc..

it should output 12V 1.5A

Where does the power bank specs say that?

If you want to present a hack, please supply proper specifications on the bank and performance info on the outcome.
You have the test gear, please use it.
A DMM would have been easier to read.

HINT: Your credibility would increase with a tidy bench and the use of strip board or protoboard rather that solder joints in the air.
Look at those videos you have made, there is not one scene where the placement of connections and where they go can be seen properly.

Sorry mate, but quite a lot of the comments to your videos echo these remarks.

Tom.... :slight_smile: