Ant+ and PWM sync with AC Signal Question

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but I'm looking at options to interface an old bike turbo trainer which has electrically adjustable resistance via Ant+ to a computer, so that it would work with various PC and online training software.

As it sits, the trainer (Tacx Flow) is mains powered (UK 240v), this talks to the Tacx computer via a cable (6pin rj11).

The resistance is created by a combination of permanent magnets and a series of coils/electromagnets opposite that either reinforce or counteract the permanent magnets field, the spinning disk sits between these. The trainer send a 4V pk-pk AC signal to the computer, the computer creates a PWM signal synced either to the +ve rising part of the AC signal to counteract the permanent magnets or the -ve falling part of the AC signal to reinforce the magnets and add resistance.

I would need to send and receive data via Ant+ to and from the computer/laptop. I've thought about maybe using something like a Raspberry Pi for this as there seems to be plenty of libraries to enable the Ant+ communication. I do like the idea and simplicity of an Arduino solution but not sure if there are better solutions for the Ant+ communication, speed/power, gradient to resistance calculations.

Thoughts and options appreciated.


I´m just trying to do exactly the same project: connect a computer to a bike trainer through Arduino in order to receive the resistence from the computer (from the trainning software) and to modify this resistence in the bike trainner.

Muy first thought was to modify the resistence manually via Servo-motor.

Did you manage to end the project?