Architecture PIC16F877

Hello all, i didn't understand something about the architecture of the PIC16F877

How can we transfer a 14 bits instruction from the instruction register to the instruction decode with a 8 bits bus ?


What did the guys at the PIC forum say?
Only ask because it's got absolutely nothing to do with Arduino.

(The answer, BTW is, you can't. Google "Harvard architecture")

And don't cross-post, it wastes time.

I would suggest you ask on a PIC forum. We can make something up for you if it makes you feel better, but it will not actually help.

Waow it was a mistake sorry

Waow it was a mistake sorry

So much of a mistake, you posted the same question again in another part of the forum, less than thirty seconds after that apology?
(Don't be concerned - I've deleted it)

Are you looking for a ban?