ArdGrafix6100 - fast Nokia 6100 LCD Library with Proportional Fonts & SPI


I have created & released a fast graphics library for Nokia 6100 LCDs called ArdGrafix6100 under Mozilla Public License v. 2.0. It uses ATmega's SPI peripheral device & block write features of the 6100 LCD controller to boost graphics performance while supporting proportional fonts programmatically & conserving SRAM. You can find the library along with full class documentation & a sample generated using Doxygen at

The library currently supports the Philips PCF8833 controller & is mainly targeted towards Arduino platforms using the ATmega 168/328 processors (Uno/Nano/Duemilanove etc). Support for the Epson controller & other Arduino platforms like the Mega is planned for future.

I would strongly appreciate help / contributions towards improving /testing the library, adding Epson controller support & porting it to support the Mega

Regards Srinath

Good Job i have a sparkfun 6100 LCD module that is yet to liven so will test it on it.

Thank you for your great job.

Finally i found a great library and it work at the first try :)

I found an error in the documentation (i think). For the ArdGrafix6100_Philips::WriteCommand and ArdGrafix6100_Philips::WriteData functions, there is the same comment below: « *the main difference with WriteData is that the first bit of SPI transmission (done by bit-banging) is set low »

But i think is incorrect for one of both :)

Thank you again.

PS: sorry for my bad English