Arduino + Alim12v + Bouton + Led ... Need help to connect all ;)

I've a new projet in progress ... my need is to try to connect some components together...
1 : I've an Arduino (Uno or Mega)
2 : I've several push button (arcade button with 12v led inside)
3 : I've a PowerSupply with 5v and 12v.

My need is to plug all my arcade buttons on Arduino to light on LED of Button and next retrieve push button status of the same button.

Enclosed there is a way to connect all but don't know if it's ok or not ...

I know that Arduino can works with 7>12v in VIN

Exemple :
Button 1 > Pin 9 + GND, Led 1 > Pin 10 + GND ?
Button 2 > Pin 11 + Gnd, Led 2 > Pin 12 + Gnd?
PowerSupply 12v direct on VIN/GND ?

Is 12v will be sent to Pin10 and 12 ? I don't think so ... So how can I use my 12V power supply instead of Arduino N

Hoping it's clear :frowning:
Thanks for your help :wink:



The button wiring is OK. Make the pinMode of the input pin INPUT_PULLUP. The input will read (digitalRead()) HIGHwhen the button is not pressed and LOW when jpressed.

The 12V LED may not be driven from the Arduino output pin. The Arduino puts out 5V on a HIGH output so the LED may light very dim if at all. You could control a transistor or MOSFET with the output to provide 12V to the LED.

Reconsider powering the Arduino through the Vin or the power jack. Powering through Vin or the power jack means that the Arduino and all peripherals that are on the 5V rail are powered by the onboard 5V regulator. The on board 5V regulator is not heat sinked so will supply limited current before it overheats and shuts down. The recommend max power dissipation for the regulator is 1 Watt. With 12V into the regulator the max current is about 140 mA (1W / (12V - 5V)). The Arduino uses around 50ma of that leaving less than 90mA (max) for everything else. I would use a buck converter to drop the 12V to 5V and connect that to the 5V on the Arduino, bypassing the, weak, 5V regulator. Then the rated current of the DC DC converter is available on the 5V line.

Can you post a data sheet for the switches (buttons) so we know the pinout and if there is a in-built resistor and the value of the resistor (if installed)?

Thanks Fungus for your help
I'm sorry but not so familiar with electronics ...

Is my schema enclosed will be ok ? Battery still 12V, if I use a transistor (which one ?) to supply 12V from the 5V from Arduino is it possible ?

Is there any other way to power on a 12V led ?
If for exemple I used my Power Suuply to power on my Arduino AND my leds .. Is it possible (like other schema)

I bought some relay too to try something ...

In other way I need to find a solution to used Arduino but with 12V led (into my Arcade Button)

Thanks for your help :wink:

Can you post a data sheet for the switches (buttons) so we know the pinout and if there is a in-built resistor and the value of the resistor (if installed)?

*I can't really help until I know what you have. *

LEDs must have current limit resistors. If the resistors are not built in, you must include them.

The second diagram will result in destruction of, probably, both the LED and the Uno. The transistor is basically right, depending on the transistor and current limit for the LED. What is that diode doing there?

In fact I only have push button arcade 12V led inside (bought on Ali), got an arduino Uno and Mega and Nano
Got too some IFR520 module (just received them) and some relay...

Is my last schema could be work fine ?

In this case Arduino will be power up thanks to the 12v power supply or a simple 5V power Supply ... don't know yet

Thanks :slight_smile:

Relay :
IRF520 :
Led I replaced from one who are inside push button :
Power Supply 12V :
Arcade Button :

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