arduino and supercollider

Hi I've been looking at the arduino graph tutorial and have been using that to graph analog input values in the serial monitor. I have just downloaded Supercollider and was wondering if there is a tutorial that details how to link the analog values that the arduino uno is communicating to the serial monitor in the arduino development environment to supercoliider to produce a sound that is based on the analog data ? Thanks for any constructive advice. I've looked for this topic on the forum and did find a relevant conversation but the suggested link did not work.

i'm a newbie but have been dabbling with graphs as well.

i don't know how all those nifty programs work, i might try to get into Processing because that looks basic enough, but what i've been using thus far is just copying the text from the Serial Monitor and just pasting it into a spreadsheet program that then plots charts easily.

nice and simple without having to learn all kinds of special interfaces etc. which would be overkill just to read an analog sensor's values.

thanks I'll try that!