Arduino and TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver

Hi everybody,
I stumbled over TB6600 stepper motor controller on the eBay. Since there was little documentation describing how to interface this controller and Arduino, I thought to post a little “how to” on this forum.

Here is the link to the eBay posting.

Attached pdf describes couple of setup steps needed to interface Arduino and this motor controller.

Arduino and TB6600 setup.pdf (369 KB)

I saw your post from 2014 regarding the driver "TB6600 with Arduino Setup."

Thanks for posting that.
I looked at your PDF and had a question.
The instructions start out with the orange section in the upper left corner.
#4 shows EN+ Connect to GND on Arduino

Is that correct?
That would connect CLK-, DIR- and EN+ to the GND on Arduino.

I think the point is that you have to drive the EN optocoupler to disable the driver, not to enable it.
Well I'm guessing. Anyway if you have one you can try it both ways.

Looking at the pdf I think that our Chinese friends made a mistake.
They say (top left box):

  1. CLK-, DIR-, EN- connect together AND connect to GND on Arduino

a few lines below:
4. EN+ Connect to GND on Arduino

In the example sketch they declare in code line 3:

int enable = 7;

and in
setup () you find:

digitalWrite(enable, HIGH);

This means that the driver is enabled by a logic HIGH.
If you don't want to switch the driver ON/OFF via software you have to connect EN+ to +5V on the Arduino.