Arduino Based PLC system

Dear all,

I am using Simens S7-1200 simens PLC from long time.Now i am trying to build own PLC software which uses arduino hardware . Kindly suggest me suggestion for supporting hardware and software to be procure to getting started.

I have seen some

Which software can be used to create my own IDE and user can use it for end application.

I wanted to give Front end where user can use function like

Timers,Counter, Math,Logical,IO communication related tags . Where user can drag and drop for end application. background will running code written in C/C++ based on application.

kindly recommend hardware and Software for this application.

I’d guess you’d be looking at C type application on a PC in which you do the PLC type stuff , then download the compiled code into the Arduino ( which isn’t a great package for a PLC). I guess you might be able to write a library to interpret PLC type instructions , but no drag/drop.
It’s a bit like re inventing the wheel tho as there are many PLC’s and configuration packages out there - in my mind too difficult/not worth it box.

What you propose seems a major undertaking when you can do most stuff with the standard IDE even if not in PLC language.

There is this sort of stuff out there:
These are some Arduino based PLC where they uses arduino development but Front end they provide PLC based ladder logic to program end user.

I wanted to create similar hardware and software of my own. where end user can use it like PLC.

Hardware wise i dont have issue to make it.

Software side i wanted to know what are sofware to be used to make it work

how PLC are programmed

I wanted to how frontend created . what software used to develop these type application.

like soapbox snap arduino:

How soap box create front end . it allow user to add arduino board but program using ladder logic

Ill sell you the main board & schematics - minus code, then you can put your own code on there
If you want the modem - either way (SIM-5320x).
4in-4out plus 3G on ATMEGA-1284