Arduino based security system


I was hoping for some guidance regarding the feasibility of a security system based on the Arduino architecture.

My concept:


  1. PIR sensor


  1. Either play a sound from a bank of 20 mp3/WAV files at random AND/OR switch a mains powered light on and then off after a set period of time (options selectable at root level).

  2. Activate a wireless IP camera for 10 minutes, record and transmit the output to a server or NAS on the same network.

  3. Send an email to confirm PIR activation.

Any input would be gratefully received as to whether Arduino is a good base for this setup or whether an alternative would be more appropriate.

Thanks in advance.

What is your programming and electronics experience? To determines what we advise.

Start with simply turning a light on and off.

MP3 and camera requires a lot more experience.