Arduino based WebRadio player

My new arduino project 'Arduino WebRadio player' is almost ready.
The player is based on three basic components

  1. Arduino (I used Arduino Pro mini compatible board)
  2. ENC28J60 ethernet module. I use it because it's much faster than W5100
  3. VS1053B mp3, aac, wav etc decoder.

So far it can plays very well mp3 and aac web radio station streams up to 64-kbps. Now I am trying make it work with 128-kbps sound stream stations.

The circuit doesn't use any RAM buffer chip. That could be a small problem in case the internet connection speed between the web radio server and the web radio player is not steady and fast enough .

I have to draw the schematic diagram, the circuit description and some pictures of the project and then I will publish them on my web site

The prototyping board is used only to connect the components among them. It's not the final board !

You can see the WebRadio player in action on the video I have made.
(Sorry about my English mistakes :slight_smile: )

** EDIT **
The WebRadio player has been uploaded to my web site

I am waiting your comments

quite impressive video
well done!

quite impressive video
well done!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I second Rob's comments. An impressive demo.

Nice job Vassilis, well done 8) 8)

Very impressive!

Great ! Thank you !

I realize that VS1053B get very cheap now on ebay. Last time I checked it was more than 10$..... I will make one for my work room as "constant" background music.

Great project! Karma time!