Arduino Car Nano v 1.0

I received two robotics kits called Arduino Nano Car and I don't have a complete scheme for assembling the 4wd car. Specifically, I do not realize how the wires connect to the board. In that kit I also received a stick that contains the assembly of this car that I attached here. If anyone has a complete diagram with the assembly of this smart robot that will help me with the connection of the connecting wires on the board. I also searched the site at and did not find a suitable scheme.
The link from okystar and the car we talked about.
Thank you!

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What is on the stick?
Your links go to the okystar site, but no instructions.
That stick has what files on it?

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I don't see the attachment you mentioned in your first post.

Car Assembly

Link to file : Car Assembly

It refers to another document:

"Finally, regarding the wiring section, follow the wiring "wire connect_wps". The Arduino smart car assembly is finally completed, as shown in the figure:"

How I connect the wires of ENA, IN1,IN2, IN3, IN4, ENB to shield Arduino Nano. I want to know how exactly i can put the wires to Arduino Nano. You can me draw the lines on the attachement.

See reply #8, nobody can guess how to wire it without referencing the wiring guide, you should do the same, it's your project.

I don't accept assignments without pay.

If you bought something and the instructions were not complete, you need to discuss that with the vendor.

Give me your address mail to talk with you.

Any discussion that would be productive there, would be more productive here.

Tell me about the price.

Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood. It's more about this - I would want to see the same document that you need to explain the wiring. Because you ordered it and you know where it came from, you are actually in a better position to find it. I think if you can find it, you can finish the project without any help from me.

Since you paid for it, I suggest calling their technical support phone. First check the memory stick they sent you to see if you overlooked any files...

It is ok. I send the file.

I made a document with the Arduino nano board and the Arduino Nano shield that I found on the net.

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