Arduino control 6 pulses to drivers and go to IGBT , control AC motor 3 phase

good morning ! we need to make a motor control 3 phase, AC, 10HP, batery bank is 96VDC, 1 - a connected potentiometer at Arduino, send signal to the 6 (six) outputs, 2 - the pulses have to be phased to excite the drivers, and then the signs go to the 6 IGBT, 3 - and then to the motor 3 phase AC motor, 4 - in the shaft is installed a "bicycle brake disc" with the holes measured by a TCST2103, this signal TCST goes to the arduino to make better the funcional set, We need help to function and programin, it is to be used in large electric car, ok i live in Brazil , Brasilia is my city , thanks!

What experience do you have with motor control and especially at this power level?

Can you clarify what type of motor, 3-phase AC is not unique I've realised - induction, PMAC or SR?

hi Brattain ! i need to make an EV , I study the Arduino programming models, and then I'll pick all the components and build the EV, the motor is a 3 phase induction motor , (not bldc), the induction motor is very easy to find and low price , i was pay US$200 by a 10HP! so my idea,

I already bought the china IGBT modules 400Amps 1200Volts, also bought some Photocouplers, I'm waiting to get all purchases. the motor I have already is pretty simple is the 3 phase AC 10HP, currently this motor is configured to 220Volts, but I'll put to 55Volts 3 phase, because the best configuration battery bank for my Brazil is 96Volts, he has two axis, one to placing the speed sensor with the TCST2103. thanks!

So you have no experience driving high power motors?

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Hi friend! I'm preparing and also buying all the components of 4 ways to fabricate the inverters, Arduino, STM-32, ir2130 and MC3PHACVPE. but if here I can not ask how the Arduino can control the motor 3 phase AC, no problem, I freeze this post until I have assembled kit, I thank Comprehension sent to me.

So you do have experience driving high power motors? 55V is much more reasonable for an initial prototype.

So you have current sensors for two of the phases? What sort? If analog I'd suggest adding fast external SPI ADC chips to read them as the current control inner loop is critical.

Which Arduino model are you considering? - I strongly recommend the Mega or better, since there are plenty of PWM channels (3 per timer is convenient for 3-phase control).

Are you looking for torque, speed, position control or all three? Or simple V/f drive?

Will you be using an encoder?