Arduino Dart Automated Scorer

Hello Everyone,

I’m Diederik van der Rhee, 18 years old from Holland. I love playing darts at my room and I want to start a project with darts detecting. I know it would be a diffecult one, but that doesn’t matter.

My goal is to make something who detect the darts I throw and knows in which box i throw. I got 3 requirements.

  1. The dartboard must remain in original condition.
  2. It should not be too expensive ( how less how better)
  3. It is a stand alone device. No external computer needed.

I got a Arduino Uno at home.

I got two ideas:

It’s realy easy and inexpensive. I want to use 4 analog microphones. One on top, on the bottom, left and right of the dartboard. When I throw a dart in the board, the sensors will hear it. When the dart is on top of the board, the upper sensor will hear a stronger sound than the lowest. With a formule I can calculate the X,Y position of the dart and the pionts.
I’m afraid thit would be really inaccurate.

The second idea is to pick up two Wii Remotes and place them in the position of the picture. I also need to make two IR LED Strips. When everything is in the right place, it would be able to find the position of the darts. The Wii remote see a line of IR led and when a darts is trown, there will be a smal gap in the line. By calcalating with this gap it could be able to find the position.

What are you think about my ideas?

(Sorry about my bad Engelish!)