Arduino DUE + ILI9341 + DMA - wiring TFT


I am new to micro-controllers and i have some problems figuring out how to connect mu display to my DUE and use the DMA libraby.
I don’t even know if the display is SPI:))
So here is what i have purchased:

Is this possible? I do not see any spi specific pinouts on the TFT module.
The main issue is how to wire the TFT to the DUE.

Thank you!

With 40 pin connector it appears to be a parallel interface screen - although if it brings out enough of the mode pins for the ILI9341 you may be able to drive it serial as well. The UTFT library is the place to start with that I think. Hopefully its all 3.3V too, then its easier to connect to the Due.