Arduino Ethernet disable SD/Eth and use as UNO?

Hi there! I have looked into this forum but unfortunately did not find any clear answer to the following question:

  • On an Arduino Ethernet board, if I do not use neither the SD card nor the Ethernet, can I use ports 4 and 10 as a standard UNO board?

I am asking this because I would like to try connecting an nRF905 module which needs SPI connection and the library uses port 10 for CS.

Thank you!


Page for the Arduino Ethernet :

The chip select for the Ethernet chip W5100 is hard wired, so you better avoid using pin 10. The chip select for the SD card is only connected to a input of a logic gate (before going to the SD card), so if you have no SD card installed you can use pin 4.

Almost every library is able to change the pin for the chip select. So I agree with spycatcher2k, the best option is to change the library.