Arduino / Genuino 101 - not recognized

Hi all,

my brothers study electrical engineering so I lent them my Arduino/Genuino 101 Intel Currie board. They broke it… and are not coming forward how, so I have no clue what happened to it. :confused:

When I connect it to a Mac or PC, the boards are not recognized in System info or Device manager.

The green diode labeled ON is ON. That is all.

I do get 3.3V and 5V from their respective pins. I downloaded the schematics for the board, but have no idea how to go about diagnosing the board itself.

The only clue I was able to measure with a multitool measuring diodes is that voltage drop on one of the diodes is 0.4V but on the other one it is 1.4V, which is strange I believe.

There are no visible signs of damage or burns on the board.

Since this board is out of stock everywhere, I would really love to have this working again. Thank you so much for any idea how to get this fixed.

Arduino101Schematic.pdf (211 KB)