Arduino HID Touchscreen Multitouch

Hello guys. I have a project with an Infrared Multitouch Touchscreen I developed using an FPGA. Since USB protocol is hard to implement in verilog, I send the coordinates of the touches I decode to an Arduino Leonardo that I use as an USB HID Touchscreen. My problem is that I am unable to make Windows 10/7 recognize it as an mutitouch device. I tried many many things i found on the internet but it either doesn’t work at all or the arduino is detected as single touch device.

I want to make it work with at lest 2 touches. I attached my touch library witch includes the report descriptor and the function i use to send data. Is based on this descriptor found on Microsoft Hardware Design Guideline here Sample Report Descriptor - Parallel/Hybrid Mode (Windows 7) | Microsoft Docs
I also used the serial reporting mode found here Sample Report Descriptor - Serial Reporting Mode (Windows 7) | Microsoft Docs
If I use those descriptors unmodified it will not work.

Using USBlyzer I saw that the packet with both touches is sent to the computer, but it only sees the first touch from the packet, the other one is ignored. I attached 2 images, one with the descriptor of the device and one with the packet received by the computer.

I am open to any suggestion or solution that you have. Thanks in advance.

Touch_v2.cpp (14.4 KB)