Arduino Installation Error

I recently purchased an Arduino UNOR3. After connecting to my laptop which is currently running the Windows 7 64 bit OS, I found an Unknown Device with an exclamation mark listed under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. After that i downloaded the Arduino Genuino IDE 1.8.1. After that i tried to update the driver of the unknown device. When i selected the automatically search and update driver I got the message "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date". So I selected the "Browse my computer for Driver software" option. Here i selected the "Let me pick from a list of device drivers" option. Here i went to the downloaded arduino folder and selected the drivers sub-folder. But here also i got the message "The folder you specified doesn't contain compatible driver software for your device". So I installed the FTDI virtual COM port for Windows 7 64 bit. After that I tried selecting the FTDI USB Drivers software folder from the drivers folder of the downloaded Arduino IDE. After doing so the computer showed a list under Model reading "USB Serial Converter, USB Serial Converter A,USB Serial Converter B,USB Serial Converter C,USB Serial Converter D". So i continued and clicked Next. A few warning dialogue boxes came up and then "Installing Drivers" was shown. After that a dialogue box popped up showing " Windows encountered a problem while installing driver software for your device : This device is disabled because the firmware for the device did not give it the required resources(Code 29)". Any help regarding installation of this device would be much appreciated.

Wow thats hard to decipher in one whole chunk but here goes.

Please post a decent pic of the fron and back of the board.

Are you sure its an FTDI driver needed ?

Also sounds like you may need to turn off driver enforecment in windows.

Could it be you need the CH340/341 driver ?

Did you do the required reboot of the computer ? Have you tried uninstalling the driver that gives code 29 and doing a reboot to see if it picks up on its own ? Dont use USB 3.0 if thats what you have make sure you use USB 2.0 ports.