Arduino is Dead

I cannot get any of three boards to connect. The best Arduino can offer as help is "Did you take the Arduino out of the box?". Huh? The Ponzi scheme was also an Italian invention. I am just saying.

Hi @Card1975. Which Arduino are you using?

we don't have enough details to help you,
but I can see that in one of your posts you talk about "Chinese crap"

Please tell us exactly which boards you have, because with millions of users using our software and hardware I struggle to believe you have purchased a board from us and are complaining in the forums.

If the products you purchased are clones/knock-off boards from untrusted sources then they might not work out of the box (like genuine Arduino hardware which needs no drivers on Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

Give us details, upload photos, and tell us:

  • which boards models
  • which OS
  • show us pictures

also, you are posting in the IoT Cloud Beta forums