Arduino ISP


I have been experimenting with Arduino as ISP. I have an Arduino setup as programmer (following:

On my target I have a blank Mega8 with following connections (total 6 connections):

ATMEGA8 Pin (Target) - Arduino Pin (programmer)
19 - 13 ----[1k]-----|led>----gnd
18 - 12
17 - 11
1 - RST
7 - +5v
8 - gnd

I have a 3.58MHz resonator connected to the target Mega8 on pin 9 & 10. I have a LED connected on the target micro-controller pin 19 with a 1k resistor to ground.

As a test, when the source arduino is programmed with blink example, the target pin13 LED blinks but if I move the microcontroller from arduino to the target socket, the LED doesn’t blink.

Do I need to provide a pull-up for reset on the target? I don’t have the pull-up there at the moment.


Chetan Bhargava

Reset must be high on the reset pin. Putting an external pull-up won’t kill it. You may want to see if the Reset pin in high or low on the chip you want to program.

I found the problem to be my resonator on the target board. It all works fine after the replacement.