Arduino libraries for Eclipse

After a whole lot of hours spent on trying to sort out how Eclipse and AVR fit together, I finally managed to put together some sort of environment that works for me. I compiled the Arduino Core as well as some of the libraries and put them together in the Eclipse workbench.
I attached a zip file with three Eclipse project directories

AdruinoCores - How to compile the core library, ready to be linked in
ArduinoLibraries - How to compile the libraries ready to be linked in
Template - a Typical project with the Core and some libraries linked in

The project files have all the settings that you need to make the lot work together. You will have to fix the actual paths to suit your environment.
I hope that this will help some other newbies to get started with the Eclipse setup. (441 KB)

Looks good, have done the same with Eclipse as well and AVRStudio 4. Have you had any luck in using any sort of debugging tools with the Eclipse.

Bryan, No I have not looked at that but it will be my next step. I have an AVRICE so I will be attempting that soon. I am busy with the AS5 setup. I am not having much luck with include paths at the moment but I am sure there is a very good logical explanation for my troubles. Just have to find it.

It seems that the Avarice program does not want to connect to my avricemkii. If you read the avarice docs it would seem that debugging is rather limited for the Atmega devices. I don't know if it is worth all the effort to try and get it going. I hate it when the instruction says something and you do just that and then the program says can't do that. Makes me mad.

That’s what I was afraid of,even to get it going seems overly complex.

I never had any luck with AS5, seems it’s too buggy, if you have any luck let me know.

Marius: I hope that this will help some other newbies to get started with the Eclipse setup.

I can't believe that after a lot of time spent to let my eclipse working , in five minutes with your archive i've make it full working!

Thanks a lot.

I may be missing something, can someone give me a general step by step approach to these files. What avr, what avr-plugin, etc you guys are using. Thanks in advance.

Have a look at the tutorial on Exclipse on the Adruino playground. It will tell you what you need and then use my sample template project.,62094.0.html

thank you, I will have a look at it :)

I put the whole lot on this link. Please go download when you worked through the tutorial.

An alternative approach is to leave Arduino as-is and use this Makefile:

which knows how to build regular sketches and libraries. If you're working on a larger project where some folks want to keep using the Arduino IDE, this will let you integrate with most IDEs without breaking compatibility.

= Mike

Thanks Mike, it looks great. Where does one place this makefile, in the sketchbook directory or in the sketch directory itself?