arduino mac osx x 10.8 usb port problem

have a problem,

board is not recognized in the arduino program,

serial ports seem to be already in use and I don’t know how to clear them.

the board I am using is made by hobbyking multiwii pro and has a different driver from silicon labs . settings are the same as the arduino mega 2560,

i checked a programmer in the arduino programm but would need to be unchecked since I am just using a simple cable, don’t even know how to do that

see screenshot

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 7.55.35 AM.jpg

You need to install the driver for the USB-to-Serial chip. I would start at the Silicon Labs website:

thanks, although I had given up hope I tried it again, it was the third time I installed the driver and it finally worked, the board lights up like a christmas tree, maybe the cable has some problems, I ordered a new cable just in case. thanks .