Arduino Materia 101

I've been looking at this printer for a month or so now and I haven't been able to find out much about it. I don't really want to spend almost $900 on something I don't really understand. So I was hoping someone would let me know if its worth it and if its a good product.


Do not know much about it myself, but bought it through Elektor magazine at a membership discount. My reason for buying it was to learn something about 3D printing. Have read several books on 3D printing but no experience. With it being a kit, it is kind of expensive, but the hands on experience is probably worth it. The thrill of getting something to work correctly is anticipated for this old boy. My local library has classes on 3D printing, but it is geared toward the young and would not feel comfortable around a group of whiz kids. The kit did not come with a printed manual, so you would have to down load it from the site. You may want to do this first as the step by step instructions may give you some insight as to the worthiness of the endeavor. I do not think that it is up to the task of commercial production, but it may prove viable as a future modification platform as many may post there attempts on the internet.

When I do buy this printer can I write my own program to print what I want, or do I have to buy codes for it?

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I can't find the link to buy the ‘Arduino Materia 101’ in the Arduino web page.

Does anybody knows what happened?

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The Materia 101 uses G-code, which is a universal code that is specific to numerical control machines such as NC controlled machine tools. Yes you will be able to write your own code, and use others code, as a large segment is found on the internet. See: for a more detailed explanation of G-code. Also see

Hey you'all!

For reasons independent of our will, Arduino Materia 101 is now not available in the store. Thanks for your patience, we'll update you in this thread when it's back online! And if you want to get a email when it is back online PM me.