Arduino Mega 2560 standalone


I want to burn the program in Mega 2560 chip by using Mega 2560 as ISP.

The method is below.

  1. Upload the arduino ISP in Arduino 2560 board.
  2. Connect reset circuit and osillation circuit to Mega 2560 standalone chip
  3. Connect the wire from Mega 2560 board to Mega 2560 standalone chip.
    Mega standalone
    MISO(50) - MISO(50)
    SCK (52) - MISO (52)
    MOSI(51) - MOSI (51)
    SS (53) - Rset(53)
    3.1 Edit the boards.txt file

Arduino Mega w/ ATmega2560

------------------------- (Mega 2560)

  1. Select tools>programmer>Arduino as ISP. Then Burn the boatloader to 2560.
  2. Select file>upload using programmer.

It is successful but the program cannot run.

Will probably work better if you connect SS on the master to Reset on the Slave, vs SS on the slave:
SS (53) - Rset(53) << 53 is not Reset.


Sorry, it is typing mistake.

Arduino board - Arduino Mega Standalone.
SS (pin 53) Reset(30).

It is correct connection. Also, It burns progam successfully but the program cannot run.

How can I fix. Thank you for your help.


Best regards,
Ping Tsui