arduino mega and eclipse pin error and communication problem

I can not connect the arduino mega 2560 to my eclipse projects.
I have Avr-plugin set. It works with Uno. I can not read the MCU signature.
I know that the clock frequency is 16Mhz and I set the port to .\COMx. I use brate 115200 or 57600 and I have use also everything, and for programmer i use most Arduino programmer that works with Uno and i have tried stk500(all of them).

It can not connect either to an arduino Mega2560 R3 and R2. I have also another problem with the pins. Everytime I try to add the pin_arduino.h for mega i get the error that you can see at the picture i have attached. The members of the array that does not get any error are the same that the arduino Uno has.

Is there and solution to my problems?