arduino mega mega tree

some students/teachers and i at Roane Jackson technical center have used an arduino mega to contorl a 20ft tall mega tree that has 38 channels and uses solid state relays and is powered by 2 130W solar pannels,2 90AH deep cycal batteries and a 600W inverter. the lights are LEDs minus the star witch is rope lights. so far i don't have a video of it in all its glory just one of it in the testing phase and one when it was on AC on display(no sun and miswired so that night dead batteries) at Cedar lakes and it wasn't working 100% properly on there power for some reason(idk if there many many many other displays could have something to do with dirty power maybe???) in any case the next time i can get over there i will try to take a video of it working properly i'll post videos as i get them :)

heres the link to the video of the test run and if anyone thinks i should release the code(its pretty simple...) let me know and i'll try to clean it up some then i'll release it

Nice work. Very cool hypno-tron-tree.

Hey cool! That’s about how many lights I put on my tree. :wink:

Would love to see a vid of it in its final environment.

im planning on going this coming monday to get a video of the final tree... the last time i ran out of space on my cams memory card(mom whats with pictures from before summer....) for those who want to see it here is the source code for the final version of the tree(well will be as i fixed one line that was amiss since i uploaded the "final" version)

Not getting anything on the link now?

that link is working for me. maybe you should try again?(btw im hoping to get another video tonight will post link when i can)

I think you would call your first run a complete success. Brilliant

vid of final tree is up