Arduino Mega Screw Terminal Shield

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could advise me on where I may be able to find a screw terminal shield for the Arduino Mega. I have been looking around for a while now, they seem to be sold out on the few websites that they were available from .

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Contact @CrossRoads;u=28339;sa=send;u=28339

Search for “Mega Screw Shield” to see his handy work…

I still have them for sale.
This one in limited quantities, about 10 left

and the 2nd one my latest version, with additional power/ground screw terminals added.
Board is lengthened a little and added screw holes added.
Kits & assembled boards available, with worldwide shipping via USPS (unless something more expensive is requested, like Fedex/UPS).
All boards fit all the Mega board type variations.

March 2016 - update:
Mega screw terminals, in various form factors, are still available!
Full size

Small size, for just the double row headers

Medium Size, for just outer headers

Stackable too!

And the Uno too:

And RPi also: